full size plans working drawings of famous classical and flamenco guitars

Guitar Making Plans and Drawings (available as PDF files emailed to you for printing - all good Print & Copy shops will print full size from these PDF files which you can take to them on a memory stick or email to them.)
If PDF printing is not available in your area, contact me and I will print and post full size paper plans to you, but this is more expensive.

full size plans for making famous classical and flamenco guitars

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MAG-ic Probe electronic thickness gauge
New, amazing tool for measuring thickness of guitar /violin tops and backs of completed instruments.

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Antonio de Torres, Hermann Hauser, Ignacio Fleta, Robert Bouchet, Jose Romanillos, Daniel Friederich, Santos Hernandez, Hernandez and Aguado, Narciso Yepes Ten string, Lattice, Double Sound Hole, Archtop, Maccaferri, Manuel Ramirez, Marcelo Barbero, Roy Courtnall, James Lister

Plans 1 to 9 are drawings in the book; MAKING MASTER GUITARS, the most comprehensive guitar making guide available.

6.    Ignacio Fleta

7.    Robert Bouchet 

10.    Archtop Jazz Guitar  

16.    Manuel Ramirez  (PDF)  

17.   James Lister - buy direct from James Lister