Hermann Hauser I

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Hermann Hauser's name is legendary in the history of guitar making. Along with Torres, Hauser helped define the characteristics of the modern Spanish classical guitar. Both Julian Bream and Andre Segovia played Hauser guitars for many years. Hauser originally met Segovia at a concert, and Segovia explained to him the characteristics of the ideal guitar he was searching for. He showed him a Santos Hernandez, and that acted as a starting point for Hauser's work. It was about twelve years later that Hauser showed Segovia a guitar that met with the maestro's approval - in fact he was delighted, and he later referred to this Hauser guitar as "the greatest guitar of our epoch".

The design is essentially similar to Torres, but slightly more refined. Many modern makers use this pattern as the basis of their work, and "Hauser copies" are extremely popular.