Leicester MusicFest - Leicester's annual music festival

Musicians - Avalon Summerfield - soprano, soloist and vocal tutor, also teaching music theory
Jonathan Jarvis - piano, trumpet, also teaching piano, keyboard, trumpet, music theory
Leicester University Chamber Choir
Roxanne Summerfield - Leicester-based professional musician offering tuition in organ, piano and music theory to grade 8, choir direction, organ recitals.
Leicester University Chamber Choir

Rob Johns Classical Guitarist

Guitar (makers, methods, music, etc.)

Guitar making Courses

Killick Guitars - Custom handmade acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars and ukuleles

French Polishing Courses - learn to polish a guitar

Zebulon Turrentine Luthier   Zebulon Turrentine combines his experience as a classical guitarist and woodworker to create some of the most elegant and responsive classical guitars available.

An Educational Guide to Musical Instruments

A Master Class In Acoustic Guitar Making 10 DVD Box Set- A Complete Instructional DVD Collection

luthiertool.com - top quality sophisticated tools for the guitar maker

Dennis Tolz - Guitar Maker

C A Guitarworks- setups, repairs, refinishing

Christian Koehn - Guitar Maker

Adrian Lucas-  Guitar Maker

Hand made Guitar Pegs

Matthew John Bascetta      Hand made stringed instruments, repairs and restorations

Joseph Newman   Classical Guitarist - concerts and tuition

Liutaio Mottola  A fantastic source of information for string makers and players

World Guitarist   A fantastic site for anyone interested in guitar making or playing

Classical and Flamenco Guitars

North West School of Lutherie

Rodgers Tuning Machines  -   High Quality Handmade Tuning Machines for Guitars

Guitar making courses at Newark & Sherwood College

Totnes School of Guitar Making


Brian Cohen - violin maker and dealer in lutes, guitars, cellos, basses, mandolins, instrument cases and more

The Violin Company     On-line supplier of well set up violins for students of all ages. Also an excellent range of Strings, Bows, Shoulder rests and other accessories

J.Lucien Pilon    Maker of violins, violas & 5 string violins in Blind River, Ontario, Canada

Nick Roubas - Violin Maker

Archi al Sud -  Italian maker and restorer, according to traditional Neapolitan craftsmanship - Liutaio di tradizione napoletana.

Norman Miller   Violin Maker

Graham Welsh     The Violin Man  Instruments, Strings, Bows and much more

SIELAM     Everything for the Violin Maker and Player

Liutaio Mottola  A fantastic source of information for string makers and players

ViolinSites.biz  -   lots for violinists

The Late Cremonese Violin Makers   -  by Dmitry Gindin 

Fischer Violins - Violin Maker

Hans Johannsson - Violin Maker

Violin e-Greeting Cards and more!

Dmitry Badiarov     Violin and Bow Maker

Violin Making on CD-ROM   by Ricardo B. Flores

Violin and Viola    - everything for the player

Other Instruments

David Simmons, LuthierGuitars, Lutes, Viola da gamba, Oud and more

John Gull    Singing and Piano Tuition  Leicester

John Batazer's Double Bass Website

Make a Double Bass  Information about making a Bass and more!

Latin Instruments

Pangeawmi.com      World Musical Instruments - Chanter, Sitar, Bodhran, Dulcimer, Shakuhachi, Harp, Didgeridoo, Doumbek, Oud, Quena, Kalimba, Irish Flute, Cumbus, Shehnai, Psaltery, Ney, Djembe and many more!

Sebastian Nunez & Veronica Estevez       early musical instruments (lutes, early guitars, harpsichords, etc.)

Gianna Violins  -   Violin makers Stephen and Gianna Perry

List of Luthiers from allover the world

Experimental Musical Instruments

Music Talk and Sheet Music

Music school: Worldwide music schools directory

Tammy's Piano Lessons - lots of information about how to play piano

Roy Chilton Music    Good books on all styles of guitar playing

SonVer - Check out their music!

Search Music Network  -  A great site for everything musical

MUSICAN  -  revolutionary new method for teaching music

World Wide HomeSchool - Interactive homeschooling community with free courses, resources

Guitar Notes   The Spanish Guitar Centre Nottingham; for sheet music and guitars

GuitarNation.com   Lots of information about makers and players

Merton College - musical instrument making courses

crossroads-guitar    Guitar Lessons, Guitar Tabs & Chords; Crossroads online guitar tabs and guitar lessons conducts streaming instruction for advanced or beginning guitar students; try our free guitar lessons before you purchase!

American Musical Instrument Society

Guild of American Luthiers

Violin Society of America

Musical Instrument Makers Forum

British Violin Makers' Association

West Country Violins    -  large range of violins and accessories

International Violin    -  everything for the violinist and maker

Robert Hale Books ~ My book publisher  for Making Master Guitars and The Art of Violin Making

Stewart MacDonald - Guitar supplies

Musical Instrument Makers Forum

BuildYourGuitar.com - information for guitar makers

guitarinternet.com -   Information for players and makers

Violin and Viola    - everything for the player