Roy Courtnall Lattice Guitar

16.00 British Pounds Sterling

Price: 16.00 British Pounds Sterling for PDF files emailed to you for printing - all good Print & Copy shops will print full size from these PDF files which you can take to them on a memory stick or email to them. If not available in your area, contact me and I can post paper copies to you.)

***  This is a traditional guitar design as far as the back and sides are concerned, with a fairly traditional soundboard which is however braced with struts in a lattice pattern. It is NOT a carbon fibre 'true lattice' plan in the Smallman tradition. A true lattice plan will be available here in the near future.)

In recent years a number of guitar makers have experimented with new ideas in guitar design. In some cases this has included altering the outline shape of the instrument and also re-designing the internal strutting layout, and even altering the size and position of the soundhole. This is not entirely new - some 19th century makers also tried out some of these ideas, but no lasting innovations became universally popular.

One of the most recent developments that has proved successful, has been the use of a Lattice Pattern for positioning the struts. Many variations of this idea have been tried, some more successful than others. The pattern given in this Plan consists of multiple struts that cross over one another, creating small square sections of supported soundboard. (In other respects, this guitar has a conventional exterior shape.)

The advantage of the lattice design is that the soundboard can be made very thin due to the comprehensive support over the entire surface, The typical sound produced with this design is one of great projection, with a piercing, bell-like quality.

Spruce or cedar can be used, but with the design shown here, the most powerful results have been achieved with cedar, and with the instrument fitted with D'Addario Hard Tension strings.